"Something Different" because we believe we are unique in the way we do ministry. We don't claim to be better than any church in our area, we just claim to be different. So what makes us different? The look, the feel, how the message comes across. There really are a lot of things that make us stand out. As far as beliefs go, we are probably close to most churches. One thing you can count on... we are not perfect and we are not trying to be. We are trying to follow a perfect God... and we find strength in doing that together. (Acts 2:42)


Although we post as much information as possible nothing can substitute the experience you will have at a live service. We worship to modern music and preach the Gospel... ALL OF IT. We know that once you visit with us, you will experience the genuine love we have for people, and the fun, relaxed atmosphere that is full of life.


Here at 10/12 Church our focus is on 3 things... to GROW, SERVE, and CONTRIBUTE to the Kingdom of God. All of our energy and finances are used to do these three things to the best of our ability. We use this strategy in every ministry. Our goal is to create healthy environments full of love and knowledge, because if something is healthy, it will grow!