10/12 means October 12th. This was our official launch date and the birthday/anniversary of the church.

We are a non-denomination church.

The service experience at 10/12 Church includes worship music and a message. We’ll also throw in some media and lights just to keep things interesting. The music is led by a worship team with professional background tracks featuring today’s music.     The message is always focused on addressing the real issues that real people face in their daily lives. You can expect to be both encouraged and challenged by Pastor Steve or one of the other staff members. The Sunday service lasts between 60 – 70 minutes. You will find a friendly environment where everyone is welcome.

Plan on arriving at least 10 minutes before the service starts. That will give you time to park, grab a cup of coffee and fellowship with others before the service begins.

Don’t worry about wearing “your Sunday best” to 10/12 Church. We dress very casually around here. Leave that tie at home. Very likely the pastor will be wearing blue jeans. In fact, when the weather warms up, don’t be surprised to see lots of people in shorts.

We will practice communion once every quarter to remember Christ Body that was broken and Blood that was spilled for our sins.

We have addressed this topic a few times already. On our old website we had a sermon you could listen to. We rebuilt our website and no longer have that available. However, last year we covered a few political topics and would like to invite you to listen to the one on “Same Sex Marriage.” This video is on YouTube and is in two parts. Here are the links:

Part 1:


Part 2:


Complete and submit the Volunteer Application form on the website or visit the Information Center before/after service.

That depends on what you sign up for. Most positions only require the completed form unless you volunteer to serve our Children or Youth. To make sure that our kids and students are in a safe, secure environment, we will require a full background check.

Each volunteer position is unique, but most positions require serving at least 2 weeks a month. Some positions require early arrival and staying after service in order to complete the required tasks.

A Small Group is a small group of people that get together regularly to enjoy a pot luck meal and a Bible lesson. Interest Groups are a small group of people that share a common interest like riding motorcycles, golfing, boy/girl scouts, reaching out to the homeless etc.

Right now we have groups that meet every other Friday night and every other Saturday evening.

Complete and submit the group sign-up form on the website or visit the Information Center before/after service.

Being a member of a Small Group is one of the best activities we offer here at 10/12 Church. All we ask is that you show up on time to the meeting, help provide a side dish, salad or dessert as directed, never gossip about what is discussed during the group meetings, and have the desire to grow in your relationship with Christ.

Our small groups are a fun activity, but we also take them very seriously. Our goal is to promote growth within each group – to lead people into a healthy relationship with Christ. Anyone that is interested in becoming a small group leader must…

1) Fill out a Group sign-up form
2) Attend and complete the New Member’s class
3) Serve in our Sunday Worship Experience
4) Attend church for at least 3 months
5) Be an Intern in an existing Small Group for at least 3 meetings