You will be welcomed! If you are looking for a place that feels like home and where the people are down to earth... you have found the right place. You might want to leave that tie at home and put on some jeans. Here at 10/12 we dress very casual in fact, as the weather warms up don't be surprised to see many people in shorts. We have one service that starts at 10:30am sharp every Sunday. Complementary coffee, donuts, and kolaches are available but you might want to plan on arriving early if you want some. We turn out the lights and turn up the music during worship. If you come seeking you will feel the presence of God through every part of the service. Our prayer team will be available if you need someone to pray with and at the end of the service there will be an opportunity to give. You will not feel pressured to give but the opportunity will be there. Getting involved is simple but we leave that up to you. Ultimately, if any of this sparks some curiosity stop waiting and just come visit.



Located over by the restrooms when you walk into the main building is a child check-in station. To protect your child we have identifying labels. Each child will get a name tag with a code on it. The parent or guardian that checks them in will get a label with a matching code. This label is needed to pick up your children from class. This adds a layer of security and does not allow any stranger or family member to come by during service and pull a child out of class without the parent knowing about it.


After check-in, infants - 5 years old can be dropped off to class starting at 10 am over in our kids building. When you pull up on our parking lot you will see our newly remodeled kids building directly behind the main building.


If you have a child 6 and up, they will stay with you until worship is over. Then our pastor or staff member will dismiss them to class from stage. When we dismiss them from service, all the kids will be escorted to class by 2 teachers and an usher. They will be taught by teachers that are passionate and creative. We are serious about children's ministry and youth ministry. We have completed full background checks on all volunteers that serve your kids. We also take extra precautions with frequent security checks throughout the service. We want you to be able to enjoy the adult service and not have to worry about your children. To save time please check-in your child as soon as you get there so they can go straight to class when dismissed.


Our youth ministry is for ages 12 - 18 and meets on the 1st, 3rd and 5th Wednesday of every month in the main building from 6:30-8:30 pm. We also have other fun youth activities listed in our bulletin that is handed out each Sunday before service.